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Alice was able to take her grandchildren to the fjords thanks to Délices et Gourmandises

27 Août 2014, 12:12pm

Happy grandmother of four children, and we are all very fond of sweets, which, I have to admit, is not a very healthy passion. Fortunately, we discovered Délices et Gourmandises, and we became addicted!

Healthy treats for the whole family

Few years ago, to my dismay, because of health issues, I had to follow a strict diet, which of course meant no sweets anymore for some time. As soon as the doctor told me that I could resume eating, but in moderation, I started looking for some healthy products. A friend told me about Délices et Gourmandises and the content of its catalogue immediately seduced me: candies, chocolates, fruit jellies and a wide variety of pastries, in short, everything I needed for the little ones and myself.

The best service delivery

At first, I was not comfortable with the idea of buying food on line and was quite reluctant as I heard so much about piracy on the internet. But I eventually tried and from my very first order on Délices et Gourmandises’s website, I never regretted it.

Everything is so easy! I can whether download the order form and send it back along with a check, or use my credit card, which is the best way to get express delivery. It took only two days for the parcel to reach my mailbox, perfectly packaged, and in perfect condition. Now, I always make sure to have an assortment of sweets spared in preparation for my grandchildren’s visit.

An unexpected gift

I was aware of the gifts offered by Délices et Gourmandises to its best customers, but I never thought I would be among of the lucky ones! Thus, I was incredibly surprised when I received the letter saying that I won EUR 9 000 to reward my loyalty.

I immediately decided to take my grandchildren on holiday in one of the most amazing places ever: Denmark and the fjords! They could not believe it when I told them how I go the money that allowed me offer them this incredible trip!

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