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Béatrice, happy winner of € 9,000 prize, tells us about her experience with Delices Gourmandises

8 Août 2014, 14:13pm


Gourmets and gourmands, my husband and I are really found of sweets (candies, chocolates, pastries) and we always make sure to have some available for breakfast, dessert or tea/coffee time. Since I discovered the site Delices Gourmandises, I don’t need to spend hours in my kitchen anymore baking or cooking; it is truly a miracle solution!

Delices Gourmandises chocolate, delicious pastries and a wide selection of sweets

I found Delices Gourmandises’ website by chance and was really surprised to discover that such kind of products could be ordered on the internet! Being familiar with online shopping, we decided to choose a small assortment as a trial, and the result was beyond our expectations!



We immediately submitted a new order and invited some friends to share this amazing experience, and they all were delighted, especially by the wide choice of gorgeous fine chocolates. Men loved the cognac chocolate, while the ladies opted for coffee flavored dietary pralines. But the catalog also contains orangettes, cherries in eau-de-vie chocolates filled with nuts or rum, thistles liqueur…

The pastries also had a great success. I totally fell for the lemon shortbread, perfectly crispy, and the coconut crowns, while my husband enjoyed the creamy millefeuille and the apple fondants.

One phone call changed our lives

One day I received an expected phone call. A person told me that I just won € 9,000 as the first-prize winner of a random draw organized by the company to reward its best customers.

Saying that I couldn’t believe it would be would be an understatement. But a couple of days after the call, the check was in our mailbox, and I immediately deposited on a saving account. What a great gift! Again, thanks a ton to Delices Gourmandises team!

Of course, we will continue tasting its delicious and healthy products, since the catalog is rich enough!

Even though ordering pastries online may seem unusual, we warmly recommend you to try the experience, we are sure you will quickly get addict, just like us. And who knows, the next gift from Delices Gourmandises may be yours!

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Shanon 05/03/2015 11:43

What a huge amount of money!! That's what I call an awesome luck for an awesome price!
I ordered sometimes at Delices and Gourmandises but didn't think that the reward was actually possible, I don't really trust the luck factor since it sounds more like a science fiction to me. But I'm relieved that someone has finally be able to win, congrats Beatrice!

Gigi35 29/12/2014 16:36

Oh wow, I'd love to win a prize. But that's not what made me book with Delices and Gourmandises, it is above all the quality of products. But hey if I can also win something I won't say no :p

Roger22 20/11/2014 15:52

Wow € 9,000?! That's huge, I hope I'll also be part of the winner list one day :p Anyway, congratulations Beatrice and I wish you all the best

Taylor24 29/09/2014 11:47

Keeran you're right, everyone has the chance to win and I'm a bit optimistic about it ;) Just wait and see. Good luck to all and congartulations to Beatrice

Keeran 22/09/2014 15:40

Congrats, I've been Delices Gourmandises customer for months but never have I won a price. However, I still believe that my luck will turn over someday and I'll be one of the luckiest winners :D In the meantime, I just keep on enjoying their delightful gourmet items.