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Discover the wine Le Domaine du Bosc Rochet with Delices and Gourmandises

28 Avril 2015, 10:41am

Delices and gourmandises offers you a delicious AOC Minervois red wine, to be shared with family and friends. Its fruity notes ideally accompany a red meat dish or a summer barbecue.

A red wine with a marked character selected by Delices and Gourmandises

The wine Domaine du Bosc Rochet AOC Minervois Rouge has been selected by Delices and gourmandises' sommeliers for its character tempered by very pleasant sweet notes.

Composed of a subtle blend of Carignan, Grenache and Syrah, the "Domaine du Bosc Rochet" was raised in the town of Agelà, which is accessed by crossing a wooded area of ​​oak and pine. Besides, this is where it takes its name, since "bosc" means wood in old French.

It is very pleasing to the eye and beautiful purple hues can be guessed in its garnet-red color. The nose reveals pleasant aromas of red fruits mixed with spices. The palate is smooth and supple despite the presence of tannins and it reveals aromas of vanilla, toasted almonds and prunes.

This wine has good aging potential, so you can keep up to 3 years in your cellar, provided that you make sure the bottles are kept in optimal conditions.

Delices and Gourmandises : Tips for tasting and food and wine pairing

Like most red wines from this terroir, it benefits from being opened several tens of minutes time before serving to develop its flavors. Decanting should not be necessary, but could however be required on some slightly older bottles.

It will go very well with the classics of French cuisine such as roast beef or a nice stew, but it is important not to hesitate to think outside the box as its fruity touches him provide a great versatility.

For example, it marries very well with Mediterranean cuisine and reveals the flavor of a couscous or a tajine. Its tannins also go great with Middle East and Asia’s spicier cuisines. Do not hesitate to associate it with a byriani or a lamb curry.

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