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Delices & Gourmandises offers you mulled wines to heat you this winter

24 Février 2016, 01:11am

Really appreciated in Scandinavian countries and Alsace, mulled wine is most drunk when the temperatures get lower. Delices & Gourmandises invites you to discover this beverage which fame has crossed the frontiers and the centuries. A drink made with...

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Délices & Gourmandises presents the Gamay grape

15 Février 2016, 06:43am

As a true connoisseur of fine wines, Délices & Gourmandises has to talk about the Gamay grape variety that flourishes in the Beaujolais area. Gamay is one of Délices & Gourmandises wine table Being one of the Burgundian varietal since the fourteenth century,...

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