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Discover the taste of French Macarons with Delices Gourmandises

30 Juillet 2014, 10:00am

No one could resist to these little French pastries known as Macarons. Perfect as presents and easy to keep, you can serve them at any time of day. Delices Gourmandises macarons are lightly crisp, chewy and still manage to melt like butter in your mouth...

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Delices Gourmandises Chicken Basquaise

14 Juillet 2014, 14:04pm

Chicken Basque or “Poulet Basquaise” in French is a traditional dish that comes from the South western part of France. Its preparation requires time and would be challenging since not everyone can succeed in the cooking. Delices & Gourmandises Chicken...

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Delices Gourmandises Caramel

3 Juillet 2014, 09:50am

Caramel is a classic candy made from ingredients such as whole milk, sugar, butter and corn syrup. Either used to flavor puddings, desserts or to filling bonbons, toping custard and ice cream, Caramel remains the best flavor and confectionary products...

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