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Season after season of Delices & Gourmandises

10 Juin 2014, 13:34pm

Thank you to the Delices & Gourmandises’ confectionary catalogue for yet another successful birthday season. Every year, with the grandchildren’s birthdays coinciding with our Women’s group yearly picnic and other such social events, I find myself constantly returning to the Delices & Gourmandises catalogue to see what new treats, and my old favorites, I can have sent to the house. And year after year they don’t disappoint. This delivery service of delicious candies, baked goods, and even meals (yes, they have a savory catalogue as well as a sweet one!) never fails to meet my expectations: delicious products, timely service, and easy processing. How can I go wrong here?

Delices & Gourmandises Jam and Marshmallow wrapped in chocolate!!!

Just one word: divine. The tea cakes are divine! By far my favorites, I have ordered them at least 4 different times. Marshmallow, jam, and biscuit, all enrobed in chocolate. Like I said before, divine! I can’t stay away from them. My Paul’s favorite is the cherries in brandy and I always make sure to add a case of those to each order or else, when the box comes and he goes ruffling through looking for his treats and they are not there, I get quite the load of grief when I pull out my tea cakes. No matter how I argue it, he skulks about the house for at least a few hours and begrudgingly glances at my tea cakes on the shelf. Needless to say, those cherries floating in brandy and wrapped in chocolate are a constant presence on my order form!

Easy to find whatever you’re looking for

Beyond our household favorites, the Delices & Gourmandises catalog has such a variety that you can find anything you are looking for. Candy for birthdays, gift tins filled with butter cookies, or loaf cakes, they have it all. I personally like to keep a few extra loaf cakes around the house during the holidays for the last minute hostess gift or an easy option for a social gathering. Who wants to fuss in the kitchen over what to make for a church gathering or holiday party?

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Nadine 29/12/2014 16:11

I would like to order sweets for my next party. Would anyone trust a link to a site where I can find but marshmallow cookies ... Delices and Gourmandises ?

Ginger 27/11/2014 15:44

I heard a lot of good remarks about Delices and Gourmandises so I decided to make my first order not long ago. I ordered an assortment of chocolates and sweets and it was just divine, haven't tasted something so delightful in my life.

anji002 01/08/2014 12:04

Delices Gourmandises surprise basket is gorgeous! the biscuits, cake and chocolates are yummy. For gourmet products, there is the "Giant Pack" with great assortment of "produits du terroir" such as duck terrine, foie gras and many others...

Fergus Carlisle 24/06/2014 10:25

Thanks for the surprise basket, the sweets as the cakes were delightful. Is there any special offer like this for Delices & Gourmandises gourmet products?

Alden Connor 13/06/2014 10:41

My mother-in-law is Delices & Gourmandises customer for more than three years now. What was a bit surprising is that she always find time to order items from the company even if we've been moving from France to the United Kingdom few months ago... distance doesn't really matter :-)